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You can monitor various job types in the Recommended Jobs view.


You can schedule and monitor Standard Jobs with the transaction Define Job (SM36). For more information about standard jobs, see SAP Note 16083.

Note Note

Run the standard jobs regularly.

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You have opened the Recommended Jobs view, e.g. in the Job Management work center.


In the default view, the system shows a table of data for the systems connected to the SAP Solution Manager, e.g. the Product Version.

You can display job details (e.g. the job status) for a system selected in a table row, for the following job types:

  • Standard jobs

  • ABAP jobs

  • CPS jobs

You can also determine which job documentation templates are available, across product versions, and create job documentation with a selected template.


Display data of ABAP and CPS jobs
  1. At the top of the screen, you select a row in the table of data from your managed systems.

  2. Select ABAP Jobs or CPS Jobs.

  3. The system checks whether there is a job documentation template for the product version of the selected system, in SAP Solution Manager.

    If so, SAP Solution Manager proceeds as follows:

    1. Ther system reads the job definition and status information for the selected job type, from the managed system.

    2. The system shows the job status, e.g. Scheduled or Canceled.

Display data of default jobs
  1. To select a system, select a table row at the top of the screen.

  2. Choose Default Jobs.

  3. SAP Solution Manager reads the standard job definition from the managed system, and displays the job status.

Get job documentation template, and create job documentation
  1. To select a system, select a table row at the top of the screen.

  2. Choose Job Documentation Template.

  3. The system shows all job documentation templates for the selected product version, in SAP Solution Manager.

  4. You can select a template, and create job documentation with it.