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Procedure documentationMaintaining the Transport Subdirectory  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The required subdirectories are actlog, bin, data, log, buffer, sapnames, cofiles, olddata and tmp. Additional optional subdirectories are backup and serial.

For tp, the transport subdirectories must fulfill the following requirements:


In UNIX systems, the owner of all these subdirectories must be a <sapsid>adm user.

All these subdirectories must also have read and write authorizations for the owner and the group.


In Windows systems, the subdirectories must have read and write authorizations for the users <SAPSID>ADM and SAPService<SAPSID> for each SAP system that is part of the transport group.

        IBM eServer iSeries

In iSeries systems, the subdirectories and the directory /usr/sap/trans must have the primary group R3GROUP.



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