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A request for change, for example, for an urgent change, has been validated by a change manager, who has also added more information to it. It now needs to be approved in order to create follow-on change documents.


  • A request for change has been created that documents the problem.

    It has been validated and has the status To be Approved.

  • All business partners that are supposed to approve the request for change have been inserted into the Approval assignment block.

  • You have the SAP_CM_CHANGE_MANAGER role.


  1. In your worklist, choose the work item to approve a request for change.

  2. Go to the Related Transactions assignment block and choose the request for change.

    The system opens the request.

  3. Review the contents of the request for change. Note that all mandatory fields need to be filled so that the request has the status Approved.

  4. In the Activity column, choose the dropdown list and select the entry Approved.

    Note Note

    All business partners entered as approvers in the Approval assignment block need to approve the request. If one approver rejects the request, the whole request is rejected.

    It is possible to choose the activity Not relevant. In case all approvers choose this activity, the request for change remains in the status Awaiting approval.

    End of the note.
  5. Save the request for change.

    The system sets the status of the request to Approved. To release the request for further processing, choose Edit, and then   Actions   Release for Development   .

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