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You can define comparison lists to compare reference systems with your existing systems regularly. These lists contain your comparison systems. You then no longer need to select systems each time you verify a configuration; you can use the list of comparison systems.

A comparison list can contain, for example, all production ABAP systems or all SAP NetWeaver BW systems in your landscape.


  1. Choose the Maintain Comparison List tab.

  2. Choose Create New Comparison List and enter a name and a description.

  3. Enter the system ID of the system that you want to put in the comparison list, or enter the data in one of the other fields and search for the system. You also have the following options:

    • Display All:

      This displays all systems in your landscape whose configuration can be verified.

    • Display Selection:

      This displays only the systems that meet the selection criteria.

    • Delete Selection:

      The system deletes the selection criteria.

  4. Choose the systems to add to the comparison list.

  5. Choose Create with Selection.

Creating a Dynamic Comparison List

Instead of a fixed list with previously selected systems, you can create a dynamic list that finds the systems that match specified criteria at runtime. For example, you can select all systems that have an Oracle database. Under 3, in the Name field, enter ORA_LEVEL and then choose Create Dynamic List.


You have created a comparison list.