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Procedure documentation Changing the Domain Controller Address  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If the host name or the system number of the SAP System serving as the domain controller changes, you have to set the new address of the domain controller on all SAP Systems in the transport domain.


You can only change the RFC address of the domain controller outside of the domain controller.

Avoid these manual actions by configuring a backup controller and activating it before changing the domain controller.


To change the address of the domain controller:

  1. Log onto the SAP System that you want to inform about the new domain controller address.
  2. Enter Transaction STMS.
  3. Choose Overview ® Systems. The system overview appears.
  4. Position the cursor on the domain controller.
  5. Choose SAP System ® Change. The screen Change TMS Configuration: System <SID> appears.
  6. Choose the tab Communication.
  7. Choose Configuration Display « Change. The fields Target host and System number are ready for input.
  8. Change the address and save your entries.

Repeat this process for all the other SAP Systems of the transport domain.