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Background documentation User Settings for the TMS System Overview  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

In the TMS system overview, you can make the following user-specific settings:

If you choose this setting, the system overview is sorted in the following order:

The domain controller is always displayed as the first SAP System in the list. Otherwise, all SAP Systems are sorted alphabetically.

The configuration of the transport domain is distributed immediately after each change. This setting is useful if your transport domain only consists of a few SAP Systems.

There is a prompt after each configuration change, asking if the changed configuration should be distributed. This setting is useful, if you manage many SAP Systems in your transport domain, or you often have to change configurations. This enables you to decide when you want to distribute the configuration.

After a change, the configuration is not automatically distributed and there is no prompt asking if it should be distributed. Only experienced administrators should use this setting.