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When you save a synchronization object, its consistency is checked. If you change the system landscape after creating a synchronization object, or the release limits of the object change, you should check the synchronization object.


You are in the synchronization object initial screen.



       1.      Select the object in the object list in the initial screen.

       2.      Choose the Object Check menu.

The system checks the consistency of the synchronization object, and shows any system messages:

¡        Are the specified tables and fields in the source and target systems?

¡        Do the data types of the source and target fields match, or can they be converted into each other? Are the fields the same length?

¡        Is the object BC Set compatible?

       3.      If the system sends messages, edit the object again and check whether the mapping type and the table and field assignments are correct for the specified releases, and change them if not.


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