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Testers can receive notification e-mails about the execution of test cases and the test results.

Notification e-mails are sent in two cases:

  • A failure occurs during the execution of a test case (only the first error triggers a notification e-mail).

  • The execution is finished.

To receive notification e-mails, the user must be registered. To register for receiving notification e-mails means that one of the following roles in the testing process must be assigned to the user:

  • tester

  • test plan owner

  • test package owner

Typically, the role “tester” is used. You can use the additional roles “test plan owner” or “test package owner” if the testing process in your organization requires to do so. During development, for example, it can be useful that a user can appear in different roles: as a tester in test plan 1 and test package owner in test plan 2.

Note Note

The roles “test package owner” and “test plan owner” are attributes of the respective objects (test package or test plan, respectively). There is no relation to SAP roles.

End of the note.


  • You have authorization as an administrator.

  • A business partner with a valid e-mail address is assigned to the user.


  1. Call transaction SU01.

  2. Select the user.

    You go to the Display User screen.

  3. Choose Display/Change.

  4. Choose the Parameters tab page.

  5. Add Parameter AGS_SMT_NOTIFICATION.

  6. Enter parameter values depending on the role of the user in the test management. The attribute value has three digit positions.

    • If the user is a tester, enter an X on the first position. The tester is notified each time the user executes the test.

    • If the user is the test plan owner, enter a blank on the first position and an X on the second position. The test plan owner is notified each time someone executes a test from a test plan which is assigned to the test plan owner.

    • If the user is the test package owner, enter blanks on the first and second position and an X on the third position. The test package owner is notified each time someone executes a test from a test package which is assigned to the test package owner.

  7. Save your entries.

  8. Exit the function.