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You can use the Instrumentation Platform in Exception Management. It monitors exceptions and traces errors at business-critical interfaces, components and processes, at run time.


  • The ABAP (EM-IPA) Instrumentation Platform is in the solution tool plug-in (ST-PI). So you can use the Instrumentation Platform independently of the Exception Management.

  • You can use the Instrumentation Platform with SAP Solution Manager 7.0 and higher.


  • You have implemented the static code instrumentation for the components and interfaces to be monitored. For Java implementations, you have implemented dynamic instrumentation, based on byte code injections.

  • If you use the instrumentation platform with SAP Solution Manager, you perform the configuration and monitoring centrally in SAP Solution Manager:

    • You have made the exception management settings, in the   SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center,   Managed Systems Configuration   Manual Configuration  .

    • You have specified the required business process categories, under   Root Cause Aalysis   Exception Management   Configuration   Repository  .


  • Im instrumentation, you divide a business process flow into processing steps, and mark critical positions in the source text with implicit or explicit enhancement points.

    The managed system captures the logging information at rum time, and passes it to the exception repository in SAP Solution Manager. Exception Management in SAP Solution Manager gives you an overview of the logging information, and error analysis and handling tools.

    For more information, see Exception Management: Monitoring.

  • You use SAP Business Passport (SAP BPP) to collect all logging and tracing information for a process instance, centrally. SAP-BPP is a token which uniquely identifies a process instance, for example an execution of a specified business process category. The systems involved pass SAP BPP from one processing step to the next, across systems and technologies.

    The system saves SAP BBP with the log and trace information for a processing step. You can then collect all log and trace information about an instance of a business process, later. Because of the clear relationship between the processing steps, you can trace the entire business process, taking account of all positions which you specified for the instrumentation.