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You can call the alert inbox in the Business Process Operations work center and set up panels and dashboards.

  • You create a panel to then specify its technical name in the dashboard evaluation.

  • You create a dashboard to display the evaluated data in graphics. You cannot test a dashboard until you publish it.


To create a panel, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Set Up Panel tab, choose Add.

  2. To be able to reuse panels, specify a technical name and a meaningful description. You cannot change the technical name afterwards. The description is displayed as panel title.

  3. Select the diagram type for the dashboard display.

  4. Depending on the diagram type, enter the descriptions for the category and value axes.

  5. Add one or more instances of an analytical key figure.

    Example Example

    To compare the development of the deliveries created, with the development of overdue deliveries through time, e.g. aggregated by time attribute calendar day (CALDAY), in a line chart. You can, for example

    • Add the instance of the analytical key figure, e.g. “Plant 1 – Outbound Deliveries (created)” and “Plant 1 – Outbound Deliveries (overdue)”. Two lines and a legend are displayed in the line diagram.

    • For both instances of the analytical key figures, you create the shipping point as drilldown characteristic, in addition to the attribute calendar day. You also filter by shipping points A and B. Four lines, which show the development of deliveries created and overdue deliveries, for shipping points A and B, are shown in the line diagram.

    End of the example.
  6. Save your entries.

    The panel appears on the left under Panel Overview.

  7. To check the position of the axis labels in the dashboard display, choose Preview.

Create Dashboard
  1. In the Set Up Dashboard tab, choose Add.

  2. Enter a technical name. You cannot change the technical name afterwards.

  3. Enter a description, if necessary.

  4. In the Dashboard Type field, you can specify the layout of the panels for display in the dashboard. The following values are possible:

    • 1 row / 1 column

    • 2 rows / 2 columns

    • 2 rows / 3 columns

    • 3 rows / 1 column

    • 3 rows / 2 columns

  5. Choose the authorization group. See Create End User Group for further information.

  6. Add the panels to the dashboard in the lower screen area. The sequence in the list specifies the panel sequence in the dashboard from left to right.

  7. Save your entries.

Testing the Dashboard
  1. To test the dashboard, in the Business Process Operations work center, under Common Tasks, choose Display My Dashboards.

  2. To display the technical name of the labels of a chart, choose Show Keys.

  3. You can press the Analyses button to display a preview of the relevant analyses.