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A description of your system landscape is required by different SAP Solution Manager applications, like Monitoring and Alerting, diagnostics, and for calculations of updates and upgrades with the Maintenance Optimizer.

SAP Solution Manager collects and stores detailed information about the system landscape, for example:

  • Technical system information:

    Details on technical systems that are often used to communicate with the systems, for example, hosts, ports, and clients.

    Examples: Process Integration and front-end to back-end communication with WebDynpro Java.

  • Logical system information:

    Dependencies between technical systems, for example the following:

    • Product systems, which describe all technical systems and their product instances, which have been used to install a product version. Product systems are used to address all involved technical systems during maintenance (updates or upgrades).

    • Technical scenarios

Landscape descriptions are mostly based on automatically delivered data: on SAP software catalog (delivered to SAP Solution Manager as CR content) and on the information that is automatically sent by technical systems via the System Landscape Directory (SLD). In addition, landscape data often requires manual completion based on human decisions.

The Landscape Management Database (LMDB) of SAP Solution Manager is the central landscape information repository. The LMDB uses the same standard (the Common Information Model, CIM) as the SLD to represent system information.

A correct technical system description in the LMDB has the following prerequisites:

  • Up-to-date CIM model and CR content in the SLD that is connected to the LMDB. (CIM model and CR content must be regularly updated by the SLD administrator.)

  • Synchronization between the LMDB and the SLD is active. (Needs to be configured once during SAP Solution Manager Configuration.)

  • All technical systems register themselves in the SLD by data supplier. (You configure this on each technical system.) Automatic data suppliers must always be preferred to manual creation of system information.

  • Some SAP Solution Manager applications can require additional configuration, like the grouping of technical systems. (You must create such information manually in the LMDB.)

The majority of system information in the LMDB is provided by synchronization with a System Landscape Directory (SLD) in the system landscape, which continuously gathers data sent by the SLD data suppliers, which are installed on the technical systems. Smaller amounts of information in the LMDB are created manually or provided directly by data suppliers like Outside Discovery.

LMDB was introduced with SAP Solution Manager 7.1. If you upgrade from SAP Solution Manager 7.0 to 7.1, the LMDB configuration is mandatory. As of SAP Solution Manager 7.1, technical system data are maintained only in the LMDB, and no longer in SMSY. As of 7.1 SP05, also product system data are maintained in the LMDB.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

For more information, see Integration of System Landscape Management.


System landscape management comprises the following tasks: