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You want to display a job request, for example, one you created earlier. You can find and display a job request using the Job Management work center or the Web client (transaction CRM_UI).


You have satisfied the prerequisites for the Job Request application. For more information, see Job Requests.


Displaying a Job Request in the Work Center
  1. Open the Job Management work center.

  2. Call the Job Requests view and select a category for the objects to be displayed, for example, In process.

    The system displays the corresponding transactions in a table.

  3. Click on one of the links in the Transaction ID column.

    The system displays the relevant job request.

Displaying a Job Request in the Web Client
  1. Call the transaction CRM_UI.

  2. Choose   Incident Management   Messages  .

  3. To find one of the transactions you created, enter the search criteria and choose Start.

  4. In the results list, choose the ID of a message.

  5. Open the job request in the Job Scheduling Management assignment block.