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Alerts are the central element of the CCMS Monitoring Infrastructure. The SAP Solution Manager distinguishes between technical alerts, which are assigned to software and hardware, and business process alerts, which are assigned to processes and their steps.

The alert overview is a tabular display of:

      All alerts of one or more active solutions

      Technical alerts for one active solution

      Business Process Monitoring Alerts for one active solution


You have:

      Created a solution (see Solutions)

      Assigned alerts from System Monitoring or Business Process Monitoring to this solution



      Call the System Monitoring work center.

      Choose the Alert Inbox view.

The alert overview for the selected solution appears.

If you want to select a different solution or multiple solutions, choose Change, select the solutions you require in the Solution Selection, and confirm by choosing OK. When you choose Apply, the changed selection is displayed.

Activities in the alert overview

You can:

       Switch between the display of current and open alerts.

       Reset current alerts for a selected period, in other words exclude them from the display.

       Display the history of individual alerts in the Open Alerts session.

       Confirm alerts in the alert history or in the Open Alerts view.

       Select the automatic alert overview refresh interval as required.

       Refresh the alert overview manually.

       Start alert analysis methods with the link for the alert description.

       Display documentation with Information for the alert.


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