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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Key Performance Indicators in the Service Level Report  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Service Level Reporting come from the SAP EarlyWatch Alert. The SAP Solution Manager System displays all KPIs except DB Growth in the Performance Indicators check in Change Mode Service Level Reporting. Each KPI is also in another SAP EarlyWatch Alert check, e.g. the DB Size KPI is also in the Database Administration check.

The system does not show the DB Growth KPI in SAP EarlyWatch Alert. It does, however, display a similar value, Last Month DB Growth, which shows the growth of the database in the last calendar month, independently of the current database size, in SAP EarlyWatch Alert.

The KPIs in the Service Level Report are calculated for the reporting period which you specify in the Scheduling of SL Report tab in the Maintain General Settings check. The SAP EarlyWatch Alert report period is always a week.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The Avg. Availability KPI is calculated for a weekly Service Level Report type with a period of three weeks, as follows:

·         SAP EarlyWatch Alert, week 1: 100%

·         SAP EarlyWatch Alert, week 2: 50%

·         SAP EarlyWatch Alert, week 3: 75%

The KPI in the Service Level Report shows the average value of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert values. The KPI is 75% (100%+50%+75%)/3 weeks.


KPIs which the system does not show in SAP BW or SAP SEM:

      Avg. Response Time at Peak Hour

      Avg. Response Time in Dialog Task

      Max. Dialog Steps per Hour

      Avg. DB Request Time in Dialog Task

      Avg. DB Request Time in Update Task


Cf.: Note 721643


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