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This function is not available by default. To be able to use the function, you must purchase the SAP Productivity Pak by RWD Adapter for SAP Solution Manager and activate it explicitly. For more information, see  SAP Installations and Upgrades   Entry by Application Group   SAP Education Products   SAP Productivity PAK by RWD  . SAP Note 1131270 describes the installation of the adapter and related components.

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The SAP Productivity Pak by RWD Adapter for SAP Solution Manager enables you to link training material (documentation and visual recordings) with SAP Solution Manager transactions, to organize online training documentation, learning aids and subject-specific documentation.


Once you have created training documentation for SAP Solution Manager transactions as an object, you can transfer it to SAP Productivity Pak by RWD. The SAP Productivity Pak server is the central storage location for all types of training documentation.

If you want to change the stored documents, the SAP Productivity Pak server makes them available again.


The following additional functions are available in the Business Blueprint and in the configuration:

  • On the Transactions tab and the Configuration tab, you can trigger the creation of training documents for selected business objects (such as transactions and analyses). For more information, see Link SAP Productivity Pak Objekt to Transaction.

  • You can see the training documentation objects created using the SAP Productivity Pak by RWD Adapter for SAP Solution Manager, on the Project Documentation tab.

  • You display and edit the training documents created, on the connected SAP Productivity Pak server. For each training documentation object transferred by SAP Solution Manager to the RWD server, you can create as many sub-documents as you like (which are also converted to the selected format, for example, MS Word, HTML, Flash, or PDF). The linked sub-documents on the server are automatically transferred to SAP Solution Manager, where they are available for publication.

More Information

For more information, see the RWD documentation for the SAP Productivity Pak.