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You can search for configuration repositories across systems. You want, for example, to display the contents of a configuration repository for all systems, or check in which systems in your system landscape contain a specified configuration repository.

Example Example

The configuration repository SICF_SERVICE, for example, contains all active ABAP services. You want to ensure that the configuration repository is in all systems, and data is collected.

End of the example.


You are in the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.


  1. Choose the Infrastructure view.

  2. Choose Configuration and Change Database.

  3. Go to the Selection tab.

  4. You can, for example:

    • Enter a name in Repository Filter, to search for a specified configuration repository.

    • To only list configuration repositories of systems which are used for a configuration check, you can select a list of systems, under Reference System List.

      For further information, see Configuration Check.

  5. Choose Display.

    The systems containing the configuration repository are displayed under Configuration Repository, in the Landscape column.

  6. To display the contents of a configuration repository, select it, and choose Display Repository.