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To make project processing more comprehensible, and to make information available where it is needed, you can store project information on different levels. You can store information for project structure nodes or assign information to objects.

You can filter according to certain attributes in the project analysis.

Depending on the object, you can assign attributes on the following tabs:

  • Customer attributes: For information about customer-specific attributes and their assignments, which you can define in Customizing, see section Prerequisites

  • SAP Attributes: Information for SAP support. These SAP attributes are specified automatically and cannot be changed like customer attributes.

    • Relevance indication of structure nodes for countries and industries

    • Identifying business processes as core business processes

    • Attributes at development layer level

    • KPIs for transactions that are assigned on the Transactions tab.

    • Expected document volume for each technical document class

    • Assignment of the customer-specific application components for customer developments

    • For business processes: Assignment of solution packages whose business content appears in the Configuration tab

    • For interfaces: selection of service quality, assignment of technical attributes, routing information (for example, partner type, RFC destination), expected document volume

    • External keys: ESR and BPMS assignment key as well as the Solution Builder key (only possible if this key is assigned in the structure.

  • History: processing history

  • General: General information about the object (e.g. Object ID or Order type) and assignment of key worked.

  • Comments: Assignment of comments

  • Links: assigning documents

  • TBOM (Technical Bill of Material), which was recorded for the executable. This tab is only active for objects that have been assigned to the Transaction tab.

  • Test objects: Assignment of test objects

When you have finished editing the attributes, you can lock them for each object so that other project members cannot change them. To protect data security and the integrity of the data, you can use a digital signature to identify the user who locked it.

The attribute values of an object are assigned to a combination of objects and logical components. If you reuse the same object in a project with the same logical component, the system uses the assigned attribute values. Since you cannot use structure nodes several times in a project, this does not apply to structure nodes.


  • To use customer attributes, you have created the attributes in SAP Solution Manager Customizing, under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Implementation/Upgrade   Blueprint and Configuration   Object Attributes   Define Customer Attributes for Object Types  .

    You can, for example, specify whether the attribute values are to be checked against a value table or whether the attribute is single or multiple-value.

    You have assigned the attributes created to the required object types under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Implementation/Upgrade   Blueprint and Configuration   Object Attributes   Assign Customer Attributes to Objects  .

    You can specify whether the value is to be checked and in which order the attributes appear.

    The system displays the new attributes in the attribute editing on the Further Attributes tab.

  • To link the lock for attribute editing with a signature strategy, you have made the settings in the SAP Solution Manager Customizing, under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Implementation/Upgrade   Blueprint and Configuration   Object Attributes   Assign a Signature Strategy to Object Types  as well as the same path in the IMG activity Assigning a Signature Strategy when Locking a Project Structure.

    To use the digital signature to lock attribute editing, choose the Project Node Attributes type.


To assign attribute values to an object:

  1. Select the desired tab and the entry, and choose the icon with the quick info Attributes. If you want to assign attribute values to objects in the structure, select the desired object (for example, a business process) and use the right mouse button to select the Attributes entry from the context menu.

  2. Assign the attribute values on the tab.

  3. To protect your assignments from changes, you can lock the attribute assignment by choosing the symbol with the quick info Lock.

    To unlock the assignment, choose Unlock.

  4. Save your changes when you have concluded the assignment.

    After saving, the system closes the dialog box.