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This process controls changes in all projects, such as implementation, template or upgrade projects, in a comprehensive workflow. You create reqests for change, can edit them, and implement changes. You can perform the change request management activities across technology stacks and application components.

The administration of the change control comprises the following measures:

  • Enhanced Change and Transport System

    Allows you to transport Java objects and SAP-specific non-ABAP objects and non-SAP applications in the system landscape, as well as ABAP objects.

  • Quality Gate Management

    Provides a phase-based overview of the status of your software change projects. The project phases end in quality gates. By releasing a quality gate, the import lock is removed and an import into subsequent systems is possible. As long as a project is in the initial status, no changes and transports can be created.

  • Change Request Managememt

    Allows you to process your projects universally in SAP Solution Manager: from change management and project planning, through resource management and cost control, to the physical transport of the changes from the development environment into the production environment.