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You can transport transport requests directly from a change document into a sandbox system. You can try out client-specific Customizing settings in this system.

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To change the default delivered processes, perform the Customizing activities under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Extended Configuration   Implementation of Dialog Boxes in the WebClient UI  .

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If you have already copied the relevant standard SAP transaction types to your namespace, you are using the PPF action (SMMJ_TRANSPORT_TO_SANDBOX_MJ) for SAP GUI to trigger transports into the sandbox system. Adapt the PPF action and condition assigned to your transaction types to the standard settings (new standard action profile: SMMJ_TRANSPORT_TO_SANDBOX_W_MJ). If you have customized the status determination procedure for your PPF condition, adapt it to the standard settings.

You make these settings in Customizing under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Standard Configuration   Transaction Types   Action Profile  .


  1. Choose   Actions   Transport into Sandbox System  .

  2. If the change document has several transport requests, or there are several sandbox systems, you can specify which transport request to transport into which target client, in a dialog box, after saving the transaction.

  3. Select the clients for the sandbox system, in the next window.

  4. The system outputs a message if the transport is successful.

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