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To run a comparison, start the comparison instance. The comparison job is scheduled. To do this, the system creates a job in transaction SM37, which you can either execute immediately or schedule manually in transaction SM37.

You can also schedule a comparison job to execute regularly and start the job immediately. The run ID is incremented chronologically.


You have created a comparison instance.


Schedule a Job
  1. In the Comparison Run Overview view, select a comparison instance and choose Start.

    The Scheduling of a Comparison Job dialog box appears.

  2. You have the following options:

    • To execute the comparison job immediately, choose Yes.

    • To specify a time at which the comparison job is to be executed, choose No.

      Call transaction SM37 and schedule the comparison job. The name of the job is CDC_<instance name>.

      The job is now scheduled. To display the scheduling, choose Update.

Display Results
  • In the Comparison Run Overview, select a comparison instance. The Comparison Instance Overview provides an overview of the status of the evaluations, for example:

    • COMP_INST_RUN: Indicates how often the comparison has been executed

    • STATUS_TEXT: Indicates how the last comparison was executed

      STATUS_TEXT can have one of the following statuses:


      You have created but not yet scheduled the comparison instance.


      The comparison job is currently being executed.


      The comparison job was executed successfully.


      The comparison job terminated with an error.


      The comparison job was stopped.

    • PERCENT_STRING: Indicates to what extent the comparison job was last executed.

    • START_TIMESTAMP: Indicates when the comparison job was last started.

    • User Name: Indicates the name of the user who last started the comparison job.


When the job has run successfully, you can display the comparison results.