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The Calendar View tab contains a graphical display of each project with an overview of all the deadlines, Q-Gates, and milestones. For more information, see Setting Up Quality Gates and Assigning Project Phases.


You must have created and maintained the projects with quality gate management to see the calendar view of a project.


  1. Choose a project from the upper screen section.

  2. Choose the Calendar View tab in the lower section.

  3. If necessary, change the time scale, for example, from a daily to a weekly or monthly view.

    Note Note

    If you cannot see your project because it is finished already or will start only in the future, you can easily display the project by choosing Earliest or Latest in the Date Setting section.

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  4. Clicking on a phase opens a window with the respective phase information.

  5. The tooltip for a Q-Gate (diamond symbol) or a milestone (star symbol) provides basic information.

  6. If you double-click a Q-Gate, you go to the Q-Gate window, in which you can enter the status or documents and issues.

    Note Note

    The Q-Gates have the following color coding in the Calendar View:

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    Q-Gate color



    Initial (Q-Gate not yet started)


    Q-Gate started (In Process)


    Q-Gate passed


    Q-Gate not passed or not yet started, but overdue