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This work center gives you access to the guided procedures with which you can perform basic SAP Solution Manager and managed system configuration processes automatically.

It is divided into views, in which guided procedures lead you through various configuration scenarios.


You are authorized for this work center. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide on SAP Service Marketplace under   SAP Components  .


  • System Preparation

    You make settings that are the prerequisite for the configuration of the SAP Solution Manager. For example, you can connect the managed systems to the SAP Solution Manager.

  • Basic Configuration

    The configuration steps that are required to be able to use the basic SAP Solution Manager functions. You configure the most important SAP Solution Manager functions, applications and work centers, for example:

    • Communication with SAP

    • IT Service Management

    • SAP EarlyWatch Alert

    • Maintenance Optimizer

    • Service Delivery

    • Diagnostics

  • Managed Systems Configuration

    You configure the managed systems in order to be able to use the functions of the SAP Solution Manager.

Other scenarios are optional parts of the SAP Solution Manager, which depend on your implementation plans:

  • Technical Monitoring: In the technical monitoring configuration, you configure the following subscenarios:

    • System Monitoring monitors the status of the managed systems.

    • Self-Monitoring monitors the status of the SAP Solution Manager.

    • End-User Experience monitors the availability and performance of business processes from the point of view of the end user.

    • PI Monitoring monitors XI (SAP Exchange Infrastructure) and PI (Process Integration) systems, which enable data exchange between managed systems.

    • Connection Monitoring monitors connections between various managed systems.

    • Interface Channel Monitoring monitors the technical interface landscape covering RFC calls, Web Service calls, and PI message handling.

    • BI Monitoring monitors process chains, BW queries, BW templates and Business Objects jobs.

  • IT Service Management

  • Business Process Monitoring: You create the technical prerequisites for setting up the operation of business processes. In this way, you can monitor the business processes of your solution across your solution system and components.

  • Business Process Change Analyzer: You make settings necessary for being able to use the Business Process Change Analyzer in its full scope. For example, you plan a regular job for checking the current status, configure the workflow for TBOM recording tasks, or integrate partner test management tools.

  • Measurement Platform Set Up: Set up the infrastructure to measure key figures and monitor the overall operating costs of your systems

  • Data Volume Management: You create the technical prerequisites for the infrastructure of data volume management on your SAP Solution Manager system as well as on selected managed systems. You can use this infrastructure to monitor the data volume in your system landscape and lower total operating costs by reducing the size of databases and the growth of data.

  • Further Configuration gives access to tools and documentation that support further configuration scenarios. You configure these scenarios manually. They include test management and quality gate management, for example.