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To improve the quality of product system information and to enable system upgrades and updates, you can run verification checks for product systems. The verification is especially necessary since most product system information is created manually, which can be a cause of errors.

The verification analyzes your system landscape description in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) with reference to the latest SAP Software Catalog in the SAP Support Portal. You can resolve most of the problems directly in the product system editor.

Problems like the following can be detected:

  • Infrastructure (technical requirements): For example, problems when connecting to the SAP support system or when connecting your SAP Solution Manager to the System Landscape Directory (SLD)

  • Technical systems: For example, incorrect assignment of landscape patterns (hub or sidecar) or of incorrect product instances based on the installed software components

  • Product systems: For example, incorrect or missing assignment to a product version or product instance, such as missing instances that are a prerequisite for an assigned instance, or insufficiently configured data suppliers that report system data to the SLD.


Your managed systems are registered and up-to-date in your System Landscape Directory (SLD). For information about registering the managed systems, see the documentation for the System Landscape Directory under Configuring Systems to Connect to SLD at

You have created the product systems in the product system editor of the LMDB, as described under Create Product System Information.


You can run verification checks in two different places in SAP Solution Manager:

  • Verification in the Product System Editor of LMDB

    Here, you can verify a selected product system directly in the product system editor. This is very helpful if you want to verify settings that you have just made for a system:

    1. Start SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers (transaction SM_WORKCENTER) and choose   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Product Systems  .

    2. Select the product system and choose Edit.

    3. Select the Verification step at the end of the navigation tree and choose Execute Verification Check.

      In edit mode, the verification is done synchronously. In display mode, a batch job is started that saves the verification results, which you can check asynchronously.

    4. Error Correction:

      • Errors (red icon) require correction to enable system upgrade with the Maintenance Optimizer.

      • You should resolve warnings (yellow icon), but if you do not, Maintenance Optimizer will work. Example: No software component has yet been assigned.

      Read the messages and information texts for each error.

      Choose the link in the Action column or navigate to an affected object by clicking its linked name.

    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all errors.

  • Verification in SAP Solution Manager Work Center

    Here, you can check several product systems at the same time:

    1. Start SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers (transaction SM_WORKCENTER) and choose   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Product Systems  .

    2. In the Result column, you can see the current verification status of the latest check for each product system.

      To update the verification, choose one or several systems and choose Execute Verification Checks. The verification runs asynchronously, therefore refresh the list from time to time.

    3. To resolve errors, select a line and choose Edit. Check the verification results of the selected product system.

Error Handling

The product system verification can display warnings or error messages that can be difficult to solve.

For known exceptions and special cases, see SAP Note 1721112.

More Information

For introductory information about modeling SAP system landscapes for successful maintenance, see the Maintenance Planning Guide at