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Procedure documentationCreating an OS Command Adapter BAdI Implementation Locate this document in the navigation structure


For each OS command you want to configure, you create an MAI BAdI implementation. For the MAI BAdI implementation you use a standard BAdI implementing class provided by SAP to define the alert information passed to the OS Command Adapter.


  1. Call transaction SE19 or SE80. For more information, see Creating a BAdI.

  2. To change the enhancement implementation ALERT_REACTION_IMPLEMENTATION, or create a new BAdI Implementation based on enhancement spot ALERT_REACTION, enter the required information:

    • BAdI Definition: BADI_ALERT_REACTION.

    • BAdI Implementation: Enter a meaningful name of the BAdI implementation, for example BADI_SEND_<MY_OS_COMMAND>.

    • Implementation Class: To use the SAP standard alerting information, use implementing class CL_ALERT_REACT_OS_COMMAND.

    • Short Text: Enter a description of what the BAdI does, for example React to alert by sending MY_OS_COMMAND.

  3. To change the standard MAI BAdI implementation according to your needs, choose the methods and their import parameters. The import parameters in the methods contain the values (for example the alert ID or rating) at runtime.

  4. For each MAI BAdI implementation, set a value for the ALERT_REACTION_OPTION BAdI filter, for example according to the function of the corresponding OS command, SNMP_TRAP.

    The filter values are required when you configure the OS commands and assign them to the corresponding MAI BAdI implementations.

  5. Activate the MAI BAdI implementation.

    The MAI BAdI implementation is registered when the Alert Consumer Connector (ACC) triggers the next alert notification.