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The System Analysis item in the navigation area enables you to access the applications associated with in-depth system analysis and change analysis. To access the available applications, click the corresponding pushbutton in the navigation area.


Since the applications grouped under System Analysis are customized, their availability depends on the corresponding application setup and on your access rights.

Users of the external Root Cause Analysis tools have to be manually created. For more information, see the user administration guide on SAP Service Marketplace at   Installation & Upgrade Guides   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager   <current release>  .

You have clicked System Analysis in the navigation area of the Root Cause Analysis work center.


  • The System Analysis content area initially displays a tabbed panel with a list of All Technical Systems. Other tabs contain the lists of ABAP Systems and Java Systems, where the list content is pre-filtered using the defined system types.

    You can define queries and set filters to select data.

  • The following System Analysis applications are available for the selected systems:

    • Change Reporting: This application gives a comprehensive view of all changes of a given software solution landscape. For example, information about the current and historical values regarding technical configuration parameters, transport requests, or software maintenance activities can be provided from monitored systems. You can also directly access the Change Reporting application from the end-to-end change analysis view.

      For more information, see: Change Reporting (System Analysis).

    • Expert Analysis: The expert analysis tools are external applications that are pre-configured in a NetWeaver administration context.

      For more information, see: Expert Analysis (System Analysis).

    • Introscope: Launches the external Introscope application either in a Workstation or Webview context.

      For more information, see: SAP NetWeaver Administration Guide and Performance Metrics Monitoring with Introscope by Wily.

    • Log Viewer: The log and trace viewer:

      • Displays application and system logs

      • Gives insight into system problems

      • Helps debugging and improve performance by providing insights into the inner workings

      • Tries to display the information in a useful form (it understands the information in a log)

      • Brings logs together from the J2EE server and related systems in one place

      • Searches logs

      • Merges logs that have some kind of compatible sequence information across servers

      • Allows to control the amount of log data created (by controlling the severity threshold on Logs)

      For more information, see: Consult the latest version of the Monitoring Setup Guide - SAP NetWeaver, which is available at the Internet address


You can start different system analysis applications and view their results. To start an application, select one or more systems from the Detailed Selection list and click the application pushbutton. If multiple systems are selected, the resulting output for each system is displayed on its own tab. To close the application, click the index of the selected tab, and confirm the dialog box.

  • Change Reporting gives an overview of the changes that have been applied to the managed software landscape systems.

  • Expert Analysis analyzes in-depth functional problems within a solution software landscape.

  • Introscope applications are external monitoring tools for performance metrics .

  • Log Viewer displays various Java log and trace files.