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This task automates data collection for your services. It consists of several steps:

      Refresh service definitions from the master SAP Solution Manager system or SAP

      Refresh sessions from all maintained systems

      Delete old session and log data

Each step can also be a task.



To create a maintenance package task:


       1.      Choose Task Create.

A dialog box is displayed.

       2.      Choose Maintenance Package and Continue.

A dialog box is displayed. The task-specific settings displayed here are drawn from the individual tasks.

       3.      Schedule a time for the task, or select Now.

Set defaults sets the scheduled time for the task to two minutes later, and re-reads the current task-specific settings.

You can run the task periodically or once only. By default, the task runs once. To run the task periodically, choose Run task periodically.

       4.      Choose Continue.

A new background task is created and its task number is displayed.


To display the default settings for maintenance package tasks:


       1.      Choose Goto Settings Task-specific.

A hierarchy of task-specific settings is displayed.

       2.      Choose Task-specific settings Session Data Collection Maintenance Settings.

       3.      Click the Settings icon.

A dialog box is displayed.

You can display the settings for the following tasks: Refresh service definitions, Refresh sessions, and Delete old session and log data.

       4.      To change the settings, choose Display <-> Change.

       5.      To save your changes, choose Continue.


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