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IT Support staff can create a problem message if they detect a problem, or if several incidents have been reported for the same problem. The problem message can be linked to the incident messages. This link is documented in the processing log, so that message management monitors the processing progress.

You can create and assign problem messages as follows:

Create a problem message as a follow-up transaction from an incident message

If the processor cannot find a solution to the incident message, he or she can create a problem message as a follow-up transaction.

When you create the Problem Message follow-up transaction, the relevant data for the incident message, such as the business partner, description, priority, or category, are copied to the problem message. When you have saved the problem message, the system shows it in the incident message in the assignment blocks Transaction History and Details, in Relationships, as an Assigned Problem.

Assign existing problem message

You can assign an existing problem message to an incident message.

  • Choose an incident message to which you wan to assign a problem message.

  • Choose Edit to switch to edit mode for the incident message.

You can assign the problem message as follows:

  • The system shows the problem messages which are not yet closed, and are in the appropriate category: Choose   More   Find Associated Problems  .

  • Choose a problem message manually, or search for it in the input help: In the assignment block   Details, choose   Relationships   Associated Problem  .

  • You can use the search function to find a problem message. Choose   Incident Management   Find   Problems  .

The following can be triggered as follow-up transactions for an incident message:

  • Problem

  • Incident

  • Knowledge article

More Information

For more information about finding associated transactions in the WebClient UI, see the SAP Library for SAP Customer Relationship Management, in the SAP Help Portal, under   Release <SAP CRM 7.0 or higher>   Application Help   Service   Service Request Management   Find Associated Transactions  .