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You can use this function to analyze the data distribution, table usage, age structure, and footprint of the business object data in your system landscape.


To be able to create statistics and trend analyses, you must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • To be able to load the data required for the analyses, the Solution Manager basic configuration and system preparation must have been performed. This includes the activation of the frameworks, services, RFC destinations and users.

  • You have activated and scheduled the DVM extractors in line with the basic configuration. The extractors must have been active for the period of time for which you want to analyze the data distribution and growth.

  • In addition to the extractors, analyses at table level must be scheduled for certain areas, for example, Time-Based Data Distribution. For more information about scheduling analyses, see Analyses.

  • You have selected an object type and a query in which you have specified the scenarios and systems you want to analyze.


You can perform the following statistical analyses:

  • Display Data Assignment Statistics

    Overview of the data consumption in a system landscape

  • Display Table Statistics

    Overview of the table usage or call frequency in a system landscape

  • Display Time-Based Data Distribution

    Overview of the age structure in a system landscape

  • Display Business Object footprint

    Overview of the data linked with a business object, such as company code, sales organization, etc.

    Caution Caution

    This type of analysis may cause a high system load, schedule it when system activity is low.

    End of the caution.