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If you have already performed transports before configuring the TMS, you can copy the configuration for the transport control program from the transport profile TPPARAM to the new transport profile managed by TMS. This can be of use if you have set additional parameters in the transport profile TPPARAM to those necessary for the database connection.


If you use the function Copy TPPARAM, all the parameters are copied into the new transport profile contained in TPPARAM, and that are relevant for a chosen SAP System. Parameters that were defined as global in TPPARAM are also defined as global in the new profile. Parameters only contained in the new configuration remain intact.


To copy parameters from the transport profile TPPARAM to the new transport profile:

  1. Log onto the SAP System functioning as the transport domain controller.
  2. Enter Transaction STMS.
  3. Choose Overview ® Systems. The system overview appears.
  4. Position the cursor on the SAP System you want to copy the parameters out of the transport profile TPPARAM.
  5. Choose SAP System ® Change. The screen Change TMS Configuration: System <System name> appears.
  6. Choose the tab Transport tool.
  7. Choose Extras Copy configuration from TPPARAM.
  8. Save your entries and distribute the changed configuration.


After you have copied the parameters from TPPARAM to the transport profile managed by TMS, delete all the parameters for this SAP System from the file TPPARAM. To do this, use a text editor on the operating system level.

Background: If you also use tp on the operating system level, for each call you have to specify the transport profile with which tp should work. If different transport profiles exist for tp (the old TPPARAM and the new transport profile generated by TMS), the result of a tp call can depend on which profile you specified. Therefore, it is safer if one SAP System is described in only one transport profile.

To find information on how to work with tp on the operating system level, and what you should note if the transport profile is managed by TMS, see Transport Control Program tp.


The parameters from the transport profile TPPARAM are copied.