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You can save recurring information as personal text templates, and insert it into your change transactions and messages, by mouse click. Such reusable information could be a signature or telephone numbers, for example. The system administrator can also create system templates with standard texts, which are available to all staff (for example, standardized prompts to indicate which information must be entered in a request for change or message.)


The system administrator has made the Customizing settings for text management. See the Customizing activities under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Standard Configuration   Transaction Types   Text Administration   or   IT Service Management   Text Determination Procedure  .

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If these settings are not made, the system uses the text types and text determination procedures delivered by SAP by default.

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  • Enter texts according to the selected text type (for example, internal note, response).

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    The visibility of a text in the system depends on the text type. An internal note can, for example, only be seen by your own support team.

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  • Creation of personal text templates for specific users and insertion into the Texts assignment block

  • Creation of system templates for all users and insertion into the Texts assignment block. The system templates are edited in Customizing for text management.

  • Text log: Documentation of all texts created. You can filter the display for the content by text type.

    In change transactions, the system also shows all status changes, authorizations and changes to the transaction.