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You want to check the download data functionality when you create an SAP EarlyWatch Alert. You want current data, not just weekly reports.

  1. Start the System Monitoring work center.

  2. Select the Reporting view with report view SAP EarlyWatch Alert and navigate to the relevant solution.

    You go to the overview of all SAP EarlyWatch Alert services.

  3. Choose Create Service.

  4. Choose the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Create Service for a system.

  5. Select the planned date.

  6. Confirm your entries.

    Note Note

    The system creates a new SAP EarlyWatch Alert service. The newly-created SAP EarlyWatch Alert appears with the symbol Wait for ’Download Data’.

    End of the note.
  7. Choose the SAP EarlyWatch Alert for a system.

    You go to a screen which explains the subsequent procedure.

  8. Call the Service Data Control Center (transaction: SDCCN) in the relevant system by choosing Call Service Data Control Center.

    You go to the Service Data Control Center of the selected managed system.

  9. Choose Create in the Service Data Control Center.

  10. Choose the task Refresh Sessions.

    A dialog box appears.

  11. Choose Now to refresh the task immediately.

  12. Choose Run Task Once to schedule the task once.

  13. Choose the target RFC connection to the Service Data Control Center, from the possible entries help.

  14. Confirm.

    You get a task number.

  15. Confirm.

    Your task number appears in a row in the To Do tab.

  16. Select the row of your task.

  17. Choose   Edit   EarlyWatch Alert  .

  18. Confirm.

  19. You can check the progress of the job in the Task Log tab.

  20. Go back to the SAP Solution Manager system.

  21. Refresh your data in the SAP Solution Manager.

    Successful download is indicated by a symbol in the overview in the SAP Solution Manager. The alert data is now available in the SAP Solution Manager.

  22. To edit your session data in the SAP Solution Manager, choose the link to the SAP EarlyWatch Alert.

  23. Proceed as described in the subsequent procedure.

    You can start the background job with Start Service Processing.

You can see the status of the data of your systems in the SAP Solution Manager. Performance data is for the last complete week. All other data is from no earlier than when the download was made. You can generate the SAP EarlyWatch Alert report as an MS Word or HTML document, or display the SAP EarlyWatch Alert session in display mode.