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You have created a self-service.


  1. Select an engagement cycle.

  2. Go to the Services tab.

  3. Select the service you want to perform.

  4. Under Service Details, choose the Sessions tab.

  5. Choose the service session.

    A service session starts. Follow the self-service instructions.

    Note Note

    If you have identified necessary subsequent activities when performing a self-service, and have created issues for them, you can put these issues in your project management. For more information, see Assigning an Issue to a Service Session.

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  6. If a service session includes a questionnaire as well as the analysis session (e.g. the service session Security Optimization), choose Cteate Questionnaire.

    The questionnaire appears in a new line.

  7. Close the service session.

Note Note

To reset the service session, and repeat all entries, choose Reset Session.

Top Issues already identified are retained, and appear on the Benefit Case tab.

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Note Note

Data is collected automatically before each session (transaction SDCCN). To display which data that was collected, select the link in the SDCCN Data Status column on the Sessions tab.

More information: Service Data Control Center.

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The status of the service session is displayed in the Sessions tab.