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You want to request a change that does not require a connection to the SAP Change and Transport System. It could be, for example, a repair of a printer or computer in your organization, or a change to a mobile device.


  • You have created a request for change and specified in the Scope assignment block that the change is a general change. The request for change was approved and released for implementation.

  • The object affected by the change is maintained in the system with an installation.


  1. Depending on the type of change, the processor who is responsible selects the change document in his or her worklist in the Change Management work center or on the WebClient UI. It has the status Created.

  2. The processor documents that he or she is making the change by choosing   Actions   Set to "In Process"   in the change document.

  3. Once the processor has made the change, he or she releases it for testing and chooses   Actions   Pass General Change to Test  .

  4. The processor documents the change and the successful test and sets the status by choosing   Actions   Set to “To be Documented”  . Following that, the processor enters the reporting person as the next processor in the change document. If the change is not ready, the processor can reset the document to In Process under Actions, and test it again later.

  5. The reporting person chooses   Actions   Set to “Change Analysis”   to check whether the changes were made according to the requirements.

  6. If the change was successful, he or she chooses   Actions   Confirm General Change  . The process is thus complete and the general change has the status Confirmed.

    If the change was not successful, he or she chooses   Actions   Failed  .

  7. In case of a failed modification, it is possible to search for an alternative solution. To do so, the processor chooses   Actions   Set to “Restore Source”  .

  8. The processor marks the change as canceled by choosing   Actions   Set to “Canceled”  .

    The change document is closed and cannot be edited further.