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To ensure effective monitoring and efficient problem resolution, you assign a responsible person, monitoring team and problem resolution procedure to every monitoring object covering a business process step.


Optional: You have maintained contact persons and created monitoring teams. For more information, see Assigning a Monitoring Team.


  1. To create a monitoring activity, do the following:

    1. In the Context Navigation select the business process step.

    2. Select the monitoring object.

    3. On the Monitoring Activity tab page, do the following:

      1. To define responsibilities, assign a monitoring team or a responsible person.

      2. In the Activity Frequency field, enter the interval in which the monitoring activity is to be carried out.

      3. In the Activity Start field, enter the time when the responsible person or monitoring team is supposed to carry out the monitoring activity. You enter the start time in the hh:mm:ss format.

      4. In the Problem Indicators field, enter a description about what indicates a problem.

      5. In the Error Handling field, enter a description about how to solve the issue.

      6. In the Escalation Path field, enter the escalation path to use in case the person responsible cannot solve the issue. You can also enter the contact persons to be contacted.

      7. Save your entries.

  2. Optional: To create a monitoring activity template that you can assign to multiple monitoring objects, do the following:

    1. Choose Setup Business Process Monitoring.

    2. In the Context Navigation, expand the respective solution node.

    3. Under Cross Functions, choose the Monitoring Activities template node and define a template.

    4. To assign the template to the monitoring object, do the following:

      1. In the Context Navigation select the respective business process step.

      2. On the Monitoring Activity tab page of the monitoring object, assign the monitoring activity template.


In the Alert Inbox, on the Monitoring Activities tab page, the monitoring team, contact person and error handling activities assigned to the alert, are displayed.