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In the Content view, you manage various types of content:

  • Template content

  • PPMS content:

  • Root cause analysis content

You can, for example, check which version of specified content is active. This is useful because content can be installed independently of SAP Solution Manager. So it is not automatically ensured that, for example, compatible versions of certain services are active.

Example Example

  • You want to connect a system. The system cannot be connected because the system type or product has not been made known in the SAP Solution Manager. You update the PPMS data with the SAP product information.

  • You have adjusted the templates delivered by SAP to display SAP Solution Manager Business Warehouse (BW) data. You can check the following:

    • Which version of the templates was initially delivered

    • Have the templates been modified

    • Have there been problems since modification

  • You have developed customer applications, which you want to put in the work center infrastructure.

End of the example.


To display the content on one of the following tabs, choose the corresponding pushbutton:

  • In the Overview tab, you show the version of the templates used. If you suspect that incorrect templates are the cause of a problem, you can check the templates currently used in your system. For more information, see Check and Update Content.

  • In the PPMS tab, you show the SAP products. You show the modeling of these products (product, product version, software component version). For more information, see Displaying SAP Product Information.

  • On the Root Cause Analysis tab, you can:

    • Upload updated templates and configuration files provided by SAP.

    • Download the configuration files which you use, to send them to SAP Support for a service.

    • Put user applications in the work center infrastructure. For more information, see URL Framework.