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Once you have executed a comparison instance, you can display the results. You can also display results from previous comparisons. The Result Details screen lists all objects for which differences between the compared data sources are identified.


You have executed a comparison instance.


  1. In the Comparison Run Overview view, select a comparison instance and choose Show Last Result.

    The results of the last comparison are displayed.

    Note Note

    In the Run ID field, enter another value to display further results.

    End of the note.

    The results are broken down as follows:

    • Global Result Parameters

      Provides an overview for the comparison instance and comparison object used in the comparison.

      To display the comparison instance details, choose Show Comp. Instance Definition.

      To display the comparison object details, choose Show Comp. Object Definition.

    • Result Overview

      Provides a summary of the comparison results.

  2. In the Result Overview, select Objects Existing in System 1 Only, Objects Existing in System 2 Only, or Objects with Differences.

    The details are then displayed in the Result Details.

  3. Expand Comparison Runtime Statistics.

    Information about the duration and speed of the job are displayed.