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To check whether applications which are covered by E2E diagnosis are used. This includes the following applications.

  • Java Web Dynpro applications

  • Java Web Dynpro components

  • Java Web services

  • Servlets

  • iViews


  • Follow the instructions for creating a check step. See Creating Check Step for further information.

  • There are particular considerations for creating a check step for applications which are covered by E2E diagnosis.

Special Features

Define the following attributes of the check step:

  1. Check Step Type. Choose the object type: Java Web Dynpro Application, Java Web Dynpro Component, Java Web Service, Servlet or iView.

  2. Specify the object details, under E2E Diagnosis:

    • Enter the name of the technical objects whose type you specified in the Name field.

    • Enter a detailed description of the object, in the Description field.