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Procedure documentationChanging Job Documentation Locate this document in the navigation structure


In addition to updating the job documentation, you also want to make changes to it.


  • The change document has the status In Process and you have assigned job documentation to the change document.

  • You edit the change document in the Web client (transaction CRM_UI).

  • Your user is entered as the Current Processor in the Parties Involved assignment block.

  • You are authorized to change the job documentation.

    Note Note

    You can define the authorization of actions for editing job documentation in Customizing for SAP Solution Manger under   Capabilities (Optional)   Job Scheduling Management   Integration with Change Request Management  Using Change Request Management Transaction Types.

    End of the note.


  1. Navigate to the Job Scheduling Management assignment block.

  2. In the ID column of the table, click a job documentation entry.

  3. Change the job documentation.

    For more information, see Job Documentation.


You have changed the job documentation assigned to the change document.