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Changed sources are transported in Activity Transports. A re-build must therefore be executed in every system into which activities are imported.

Activities can be released directly in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. They are transported using .DIP files (Development Infrastructure Package).

Before using the Activity Transport you should first consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of transport and whether it makes sense for your situation.


  • By transporting small source changes, the transport and build is quicker than transporting entire SCAs since the complete SCA does not need to be deployed.


  • Re-building SDAs is necessary on every system into which activities are imported. A re-build of dependent development components must also be executed when there are changes to a development component that is used by many other development components.

  • The sources must be transported to all systems of your landscape, including the productive system. You cannot import sources only into the QA system and use them for transporting entire SCAs into the productive system.

  • No corrections can be made in the quality assurance system because these cannot be back-transported to the development system.

  • Additional configuration steps are required when using Activity Transports. For more information, see Configuring Systems for Activity Transports.

If you want to use this type of transport, you can configure it in the Development Infrastructure - Configuration Service.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Example Landscape: Activity Transport

The figure shows an example transport landscape for activity transports. The transport landscape consists of a development, a test, and a productive system and associated runtime systems. All systems have a development configuration and are connected with the Java development environment. The Java development environment consists of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio along with SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure, Design Time Repository, and Component Build Service. The CM Services belong to the Java development environment.

When releasing an activity in the Developer Studio, it is attached to a transportable .DIP file. The .DIP file is added to a transport request. You can import this into the follow-on systems in your transport landscape. A re-build takes place when the import occurs.