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Procedure documentation Create / Change Project  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have the necessary authorization. For more information, see the Security Guide for SAP Solution Manager on SAP Service Marketplace.

You are in the initial screen of the Project Administration transaction in the SAP Solution Manager.



       1.      Choose Project Create.

       2.      Enter a project name in the Create Project dialog box and choose Continue.

The project name may contain a combination of letters and numbers up to 10 characters in length.

       3.      Select a Project Type.

See Project Types for an overview of the different project types and their use.


You cannot change the project type later in the same project. To change the project type, for example, if you have created an implementation project and then decide that you want to create templates with it, copy the project and change the project type of the new project. For more information, see Copy Projects.

       4.      You can assign a solution landscape to the project.

If you create your project structure in the Business Blueprint phase, you can subsequently put structure elements from the selected solution landscape in it.

       5.      Choose Continue.

You go to the Maintain Project screen.

       6.      Enter a meaningful project name and language.

       7.      Save the header data for your project.

       8.      Enter a name for the enhancement context in which the project documents are to be saved in the SAP Knowledge Warehouse in the next dialog box.

       9.      Choose Continue.

   10.      In the case of a template project, enter a package in which the project structure is to be saved in the dialog box that appears.


The system copies the package specified here into the Transport Requests tab and uses it by default for subsequent changes to the scope or the project structure in the Business Blueprint. If you want to prevent this package being used later by default, delete it from the Transport Requests tab.

   11.      Save your entries.


The saved project is put in the SAP Solution Manager project overview. You can now specify header data for the project:

      General Data


      Project Team Members

      System Landscape

      Project Standards (status values, keywords, documentation types, tabs)


      Organizational Units

      Templates (for template projects only)

      Transport Requests (for template projects only)


        To change the header data for the project, select Project Change. You cannot change the project language after you have saved the header data for your project.

        You can distribute project header data changes to the project IMGs of  administered systems IMGs with Edit Distribute Project Header Data.

        To set the visibility of the top-level node, choose Edit Hide Top-Level Node. Note that you can only hide top-level nodes that do not have any subnodes or to which no documentation is assigned.


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