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If you use a third-party test tool, you can ensure that the test tool attributes are configured correctly. Otherwise the Test Composition Environment cannot display the respective data.


  • You have called the Test Management work center.

  • You have authorization as administrator.

  • You have ensured that third- party test case types are active. For more information, see Customizing Test Case Types.

  • The third- party test tool provider has provided you with a list of attributes and their correct configuration.


  1. In the Administration view, choose the Test Tool Attributed Definition link.

    You go to the External Tool Attributes Overview screen.

  2. Choose the Change pushbutton.

  3. Check and maintain the attributes which a test tool can supply to SAP for a test script, according to the documentation provided by the third- party test tool vendor.

    Note Note

    It is not possible to enter a parent attribute name if it was not defined as an attribute in the table.

    End of the note.
  4. Save your entries.

  5. Exit the function.