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To display the attributes of a task:

       1.      Double-click the Attributes icon (in the Attributes column) for a task.


Alternatively, you can search for a task. Choose Task Find. In the dialog box specify the task ID, session, or the session date.

A dialog box is displayed, showing attributes that were defined when the task was created. The attributes displayed will be different for different tasks.

This information is described in detail below.

       2.      To change the task start time and date, choose Display <-> Change.

       3.      To save your changes, choose Continue.


Task Attributes

Task: The task ID is a unique number that refers to one task. The task name indicates the type of task performed. Several tasks may have the same name.

If a task is assigned to a session, the session number, type, and date will also be displayed.

Task Scheduling: You can run the task periodically or once only. The task status can be To do, In process, Done, Deleted, or Error.

Task Creation: Displays the time and date the task was created and last changed, and the user that created it. 'Last changed by' displays the last user to change the task.

Task Processing: The number of times the task was processed. If errors occurred while the task was being processed, the number of attempts and the delay between each attempt will be displayed.

If session data is collected, the date and time of collection will also be displayed.

Task System: Some tasks may interact with another system. If another system is involved in task processing, the RFC destination, the SID, and the installation number of this target system will be displayed. If session data is requested from the local system, the target RFC destination will be NONE, and the system ID and the installation number will be for the task's local system.

Task-specific Settings: Task-specific settings that were saved when the task was created. Settings that are not displayed here will not be saved as task-specific, but will be applied when the task is processed.

Technical Data: Some internal attributes that allow support engineers to track errors. For example, the technical task name, the category the task is assigned to, the task type (dialog or background).


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