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These reports contain information about the usage of the selected databases. You can find out, for example, how your databases are used — both in terms of scope and performance. The values are taken from the ABAP statistics records, which are also displayed in the Workload Monitor:

  • Database Usage (  <system ID> on <database host>   Usage   DB Usage   )

    This report shows the most important metrics about the use of the system database. The metrics, classified by read and write operations, are:

    • Number of database accesses

    • Number of data records

    Note Note

    Since this data is taken from the ABAP statistics data, this report is only available for databases of ABAP systems.

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Note Note

  • For information about how you can specify the desired databases and the time interval to be displayed, and how to call interactive reporting, see Using Interactive Reporting.

  • For information about the different display options for the reports for databases with regard to metrics and threshold values, see Interactive Reports for Databases.

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