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The test functions and tools in option 3 are provided by SAP Solution Manager, SAP Test Data Migration Server, and IBM Rational. The following graphic illustrates the process.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Test Option 3: IBM Rational


  1. When you implement new SAP solutions, perform the following steps:

    1. Design and document business processes, and catalog them hierarchically, with the SAP Solution Manager Business Blueprint functions, as in test options 1 and 2. The user departments formulate business requirements in the Business Blueprint. They assign manual and automatic test cases to the business processes in the Business Blueprint.

    2. You pass the entire business process hierarchy, with all of its information, to IBM Rational.

    3. You process your buiness requirements with IBM Rational Requisite Pro.

  2. Identify the test scope.

    You check whether important applications or critical business processes are affected by the change, with the SAP Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer.

  3. Plan the tests and set up test systems.

    The SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) supports the automatic creation of test systems with low data volume.

    IBM Rational Quality Manager provides the means to monitor all aspects of quality assurance, and helps you to create and manage test plans.

  4. Perform the tests.

    IBM Rational Quality Manager extracts relevant information from the business requirements (IBM Rational Requisite Pro) and provides all information required for testing. IBM Rational Quality Manager also supports test reporting.

    The connection to IBM Rational ClearQuest sends any defects which occur, directly to the SAP Solution Manager Service Desk.

    You use IBM Rational Functional Tester to perform automatic function tests, regression tests, GUI tests and data-controlled tests.

    You use IBM Rational Performance Tester to identify system perfomance bottlenecks, and their causes.

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