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This function displays the service content that the Data Volume Management infrastructure in SAP Solution manager offers.

The service content that is available for a table or document type in a Solution Manager installation, depends on the system landscape and the configuration.

The service content describes the business background of many objects, and whether they have self-services to manage their data volume.


To get an overview of where best to start optimization, the Content Browser displays the available service content, with the following information:

  • Complex Object: whether there are several ways of archiving the data, depending on its business content.

  • Self Service: whether there is a self-service to analyze the object in detail.

  • Complexity: how complex it is to establish a data volume management concept, based on SAP experience from past projects.

  • Business Info: Briefly explains the business context and identifies related and dependent tables.

  • Status: the service content status. For example, Major Change indicates that the service content has been improved.

  • Prerequisites: whether the suggested data volume management measures have prerequisites, such as SAP Notes or plug-ins, or upgrading to certain plug-in versions.


  • Filter the service content by table name and document type.

  • Create favorites for single objects in the Data Volume Management work center. You use the favorites in the self-services, to specify objects.

  • Using the Statistics, display a summary of when service content documents were changed.

  • Using the Changes fields, filter the service content by change date.

  • You can suggest to SAP which objects require new service content.