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You can create messages to report a problem to support. You can create messages in the following roles in the Incident Management work center:

  • As a user or customer

  • As a support employee on behalf of a user


To be able to create a message, you must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • Your company is an SAP partner.

  • You have the user and business partner, or support roles, in the SAP Solution Manager. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager <current release>  .

  • The system is configured.


  1. In the navigation area, under Common Tasks, choose New Message.

    You go to the Create Message dialog box.

  2. Choose the transaction type.

    Whether you have to select a transaction type depends on how your system is configured. Ask the person responsible for your system about the customer transaction types available.

  3. To create a message, proceed as follows in the Create Message screen:

    • The system and client are determined automatically.

      If you have different systems with the same system ID and installation number (e.g. development and test system), you are prompted to specify the installation.

    • Specify the message priority.

    • Enter a meaningful short text in the Subject row. The short text helps to identify the message. It is also a search term for searching in the SAP Support Portal and knowledge articles.

    • Enter a detailed description of the problem as a long text.

    • Specify the message category and subject.

      Which categories are displayed depends on the targets in the statistical evaluation of the messages, and on how your system is configured. Ask the person responsible for your system about the significance of the customer-specific categories available to you.

  4. If you enter the message as a support employee on behalf of another user, specify the business partner in question.

    • Under Reported by, choose the user who reported the message. By default, the system enters your user.

    • Under Processor, choose the support message processor.

  5. Select the system and the client in which the problem occurred, if you are:

    • Assigned more than one system as a user or customer

    • Entering the message as a support employee on behalf of another user

  6. If the Additional Information tab appears in your Incident Management configuration, you can specify more precisely there where the error occurred. This entry is not mandatory but it speeds up the processing.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    If you create a message from a solution or project, the fields Solution, Project, and Business Process are filled automatically.

    End of the recommendation.
  7. On the Attachments tab, you can attach documents to the message.

  8. Choose Send.

    The message appears in the support employee's inbox with one of various user statuses, such as New or Sent to Support, depending on how the system is configured.

    The details of the message are summarized and you can save or print them as a PDF file.