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You perform service request tasks or tasks for change transactions in the Check List assignment block.

You can create tasks for each category of service request or change transaction.

You can create workflow tasks so that the system can notify the processor.

The system shows the processors the tasks assigned to them in various service requests or change transactions, in their start page. If a support team is assigned, all members of the support team see the task.


  • The system is configured. You make the settings in Customizing under   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   IT Service Management   Checklists  .

  • You have created check lists, for the transactions, categories and partner determination, under   Basic Functions   Rules  .

  • You have selected the Check List assignment block in the WebClient UI personalization to be displayed.


  • The system shows all tasks required to process a service request or a change transaction.

  • You can specify which tasks can be performed at the same time, and which must be performed consecutively. You can display the sequence graphically, with Show Flow.

  • A support team member or support team can be assigned as partner.

  • The system releases the next tasks when a previous task is confirmed.

  • You can create further tasks to process a service request or a change transaction, in the configuration. You can put these tasks in a service request or a change transaction, and assign them to a processor.


  • Set the tasks in process, and confirm them.

  • Open Check list step: Details, to display any processing information specified in the configuration of the SAP Solution Manager.

  • Specify deadlines, and other processing information, and forward the task.

  • Confirm that a task is completed, by setting its status to Completed.