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To reuse a test plan, you can copy it. You can:

  • Copy without its test packages

  • Copy with its test packages

    • With or without test package assignments to testers

      If you copy without assignments, you can reassign the test packages to testers.

    • With or without messages which are assigned to the test package

      If you copy messages, you can also filter them by status.

You can choose between English and German as the original language of the copy.


  1. Choose a test plan.

  2. Choose Copy.

  3. Enter a name for the test plan copy.

  4. Set the checkboxes for the copy settings.

    If you have selected With Messages, you can filter the messages. Choose Select Status Values, set the status checkboxes, and confirm.

  5. Choose Continue.

  6. Choose the original language of the copy.


The system has made a copy of the test plan, according to your selection.