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Procedure documentationCreating Job Requests for Job Changes Locate this document in the navigation structure


You want to create a job request to edit an existing job.


You have satisfied the prerequisites for the Job Request application. For more information, see Job Requests.

You have opened the Job Management work center.


In the Job Management work center, under Common Tasks, choose an option for creating a job request (simple or detailed).

A dialog box appears.

Note Note

Depending on the Customizing settings (role assignment), you can create a simple or detailed job request.

The basic view is for users with little knowledge of job scheduling and job documentation with SAP Solution Manager.

The detail view is for users with specialist knowledge of job scheduling and job documentation with SAP Solution Manager.

End of the note.
Basic View
  1. Under Request Type choose Request: Job Change.

    Note Note

    Fields indicated with * are mandatory.

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  2. Use the input help to choose the job documentation for the job that you want to process.

    When you have selected a job documentation, the system automatically loads its detailed information for you to edit.

  3. Update the information.

  4. Enter the Service Desk context:

    1. Specify a procedure type.

    2. Make the following optional settings:

      • Predecessor ID

        You can link the job request with the original message (document flow) using the predecessor ID.

        Example Example

        A user has created a message. While processing the message you notice that you must change the scheduling of a job. Therefore you create a job request and link the message in the Predecessor ID field.

        End of the example.
      • Category

      • Subject

        Note Note

        Select the procedure type before specify a category and a subject. Your settings for the procedure type affect which entries you can select in the Category and Subject fields.

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    3. Specify a priority for the message.

    4. Specify a component.

    5. Enter a short and long text.

    6. Enter the business partners for Reporter and Sold-To Party.

      You can use the input help next to the input field. Or you can enter the business partner directly and then choose Enter. When you have entered the numbers of the business partners, the system shows detailed information.

      Note Note

      Remember that the business partners listed in the input help depend on the selected system. Therefore you must always first select a system before you specify a business partner.

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  5. Choose Send to create the job request.

    The system saves the job request.


You have created a job request for editing a job, based on a Service Desk message.