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Procedure documentationImporting Transport Requests with Non-ABAP Objects Locate this document in the navigation structure


Transport requests that contain non-ABAP objects exist and have the status Released.


  1. In your domain controller system, call transaction STMS.

    The Transport Management System screen appears.

  2. Choose Import Overview.

  3. Choose a non-ABAP system or dual stack system (target system of the import).

    The import queue is displayed.

  4. Import one or all of the waiting transport requests.

    The transported objects become available in the target system in accordance with your settings.

    Note Note

    As of enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0, the following applies for objects that were deployed with the Software Deployment Manager (objects of applications NWDI and J2EE): When importing a queue, every object is only deployed once, even if it is contained in multiple transport requests. Only that version of the object that was contained in the last transport request of the queue is deployed. If the same version of the object is already deployed on the target system, then the system does not execute another deployment.

    End of the note.